“I’m from Brazil and my experience with Amber, Miguel and Vincent was amazing. It was just 3 weeks but it was the greatest time in my life. They are so kind, and they welcomed me very warmly. They are very friendly and helpful. They showed me a lot of the culture and different foods that I loved! The house was comfortable, I had my own room, the view is amazing and they have a very good heating system. It was a pleasure to have lived with them! Thanks you for everything!”

Julia, Brazil (3 week visit 2018)

“I didn’t know Miguel & Amber before I arrived but they gave me a wonderful welcome and always treated me great by showing care and concern. They took me on many excursions which helped me to improve my English through practice and experience. They really made an effort to help me understand the language and culture. I had a really great time and hope to visit again soon”

Andrea, Spain (5 week visit 2017 & 2018)

“For more or less 3 months I spent time with a lovely family in a comfortable and beautiful house. Amber, Miguel, Vincent and Forest(their dog) shared with me their daily lives and opened up their home. During my time there we did more trips than I can remember; Huntsville, Toronto, Niagara Falls, the Butterfly Conservatory and more. I was able to enjoy the backyard both with and without snow, we cooked traditional Venezuelan food over the fire next to the river. I was also able to use their garage as a workshop where I created a sculpture while I was there. They provided me with a bicycle which I used to go into town and also on a few longer trips. The hospitality was awesome, it felt like a family environment where you share fun times and good food. As for my room, it was comfortable with a great view.  probably my favourite thing was spending time with Vincent(their son), my new little friend.”

Fred, Venezuela ( 6 months 2017 & 2019)