Summer Garlic

E.C Brown Wetlands, A Niagara Conservation Area

E.C. Brown is a wetland conservation area located in Wainfleet, Ontario on the boarder of Pelham and Welland along the Welland River. Previously used as agricultural land it has since been transformed into a park where over 60 species call home. This is a park that we frequent; enjoying as each season transitions and brings newContinue reading “E.C Brown Wetlands, A Niagara Conservation Area”

5 Flowers Butterflies Love

Here is our list of our favourite butterfly attracting flowers that we currently have in our home garden. When deciding which flowers to plant remember that butterflies like nectar plants and bright colours these are just a few suggestions but the list is endless. A few of the flowers we have chosen also have some amazing medicinal propertiesContinue reading “5 Flowers Butterflies Love”