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Berry Picking at Short Hills Park

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Interview with an Heirloom Vegetable Farmer

It was in my friends’ kitchen in Wainfleet where I was first introduced to an heirloom tomato, it was a giant green zebra tomato to be exact. I clearly remember how unique it was to me; juicy, with light green stripes and a flavor new to my palette. At the time I was unaware thatContinue reading “Interview with an Heirloom Vegetable Farmer”

DIY Organic Dried Chili Flakes

We lovvveeee spicy, from actively seeking out farmers markets and grocery stores to  raid their hot sauce collections, cooking up our own sriracha recipes, visiting every Indian restaurant possible and growing an assortment of hot peppers in both Canada and Venezuela this DIY Guide is one dear to our hearts….and appetites. We originally received organic Ring of Fire(Cayenne Peppers) seeds fromContinue reading “DIY Organic Dried Chili Flakes”