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Inspirational Docs & Talks

As we reflect on the first week of 2016 we are noticing a trend in our life that we hope continues for the remainder of the year and beyond. That trend is that of self sufficiency and consciousness. We(C&G) like to consider ourselves a curious pair, always  reading, researching and discussing in search of newContinue reading “Inspirational Docs & Talks”

E.C Brown Wetlands, A Niagara Conservation Area

E.C. Brown is a wetland conservation area located in Wainfleet, Ontario on the boarder of Pelham and Welland along the Welland River. Previously used as agricultural land it has since been transformed into a park where over 60 species call home. This is a park that we frequent; enjoying as each season transitions and brings newContinue reading “E.C Brown Wetlands, A Niagara Conservation Area”