Welland River Shoreline

Since moving here 3 years ago we have decide to leave our shoreline as wild and natural as possible for the birds, bee’s butterflies and natural species to thrive. This year we have noticed a huge increase in wildlife include new species of birds such as bald eagles, cedar waxwings and a plethora of otherContinue reading “Welland River Shoreline”

Summer Sights

Summer Garlic

Fire Roasted Chestnuts

Ingredients – Chestnuts – Water   To Taste – Salt 1.. Prepare your fire, we used two cement blocks to hold up the pan and wood underneath before lighting the fire. 2. Soak your chestnuts in warm water for a couple of minute 3. Make a small slice in each of the chestnuts, this is to helpContinue reading “Fire Roasted Chestnuts”

E.C Brown Wetlands, A Niagara Conservation Area

E.C. Brown is a wetland conservation area located in Wainfleet, Ontario on the boarder of Pelham and Welland along the Welland River. Previously used as agricultural land it has since been transformed into a park where over 60 species call home. This is a park that we frequent; enjoying as each season transitions and brings newContinue reading “E.C Brown Wetlands, A Niagara Conservation Area”