Our First Chicken Eggs

An afternoon Cultivating Shiitake Mushrooms(Day 1)

Yesterday we spent a few hours helping out at the Boyter Family Farm in Fonthill to learn about the process of cultivating mushrooms by working hand in hand with them. Here are a few photos from the first stage of cultivating shiitake mushrooms with a brief description below each as well as a link with moreContinue reading “An afternoon Cultivating Shiitake Mushrooms(Day 1)”

Shopping Waste Free in Niagara

Our Favourite Waste Free Grocery Shopping in Niagara Farmers Markets   Roadside Stands & Farm Stores Bring your own cloth/reusable bags Bulk Barn The Bulk Barn provides many organic options and will  allow you to bring your own  cloth bags when you stock up on dry goods. Their plastic containers for wet items are 100% recyclable.Continue reading “Shopping Waste Free in Niagara”

Relaxing & Cooking Over the Fire

Summer Garlic

Inspirational Docs & Talks

As we reflect on the first week of 2016 we are noticing a trend in our life that we hope continues for the remainder of the year and beyond. That trend is that of self sufficiency and consciousness. We(C&G) like to consider ourselves a curious pair, always  reading, researching and discussing in search of newContinue reading “Inspirational Docs & Talks”

Fire Roasted Chestnuts

Ingredients – Chestnuts – Water   To Taste – Salt 1.. Prepare your fire, we used two cement blocks to hold up the pan and wood underneath before lighting the fire. 2. Soak your chestnuts in warm water for a couple of minute 3. Make a small slice in each of the chestnuts, this is to helpContinue reading “Fire Roasted Chestnuts”