Upcycled Toys for Toddlers

One of our goals as a family is to make conscious decisions especially when it comes to our environment. We are in no way perfect however we continue to strive to make impactful changes in our daily routine to create a more sustainable life for ourselves. This year we discussed the holidays and our hopes of creating new conscious traditions; one of which was to make some homemade gifts using things we can recycle/upcycle to create something new.  Here are two ideas we came up with for our 1 year old.

Cardboard Box Playhouse/Carseat Box, Water based paint, Paint markers, hot glue


Wooden Stacking Blocks/ Wood from an old project cut & sanded, water based paint


Meet Dolores

Our newest addition to the family, Delores an Isa brown hen whom we adopted from our family. She was a bit of a trouble maker, cracking all of the other hen’s eggs so we took her in. Just this past week she gave us our first eggs and she seems to be warming up to us since building her new digs. We’re hoping to introduce a few new friends to Delores in the coming months, however this is all new to us so any chicken raising advice is always welcome.