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As we reflect on the first week of 2016 we are noticing a trend in our life that we hope continues for the remainder of the year and beyond. That trend is that of self sufficiency and consciousness.

We(C&G) like to consider ourselves a curious pair, always  reading, researching and discussing in search of new knowledge; especially when it comes to topics related to culture, food and the environment. We are thankful for the friends who know our passions and send us recommendations of documentaries and good reads that they know will fill our minds and hearts.
This past week two videos have helped to kick start a higher level of consciousness about our own actions and their effects on not just our bodies but also the environment around us and we thought we would share.

The first was recommended this past week by a friend, the title is  In Defense of Food a PBS documentary  by Micheal Pollan. To be honest we see the dozens of documentaries related to the food system on Netflix and often skip over them. We know about Monsanto and have watched King Corn, we  consider ourselves food/health conscious however the simplicity of Michael Pollan’s research in the documentary is one of the aspects that we connect with, along with the cultural aspects which take a look at our history with food and the whiplash of health and nutrition trends that continue to bombard much of North America.
He puts it quite simply with 3 easy rules “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” He explores each of these aspects by looking at our history with food and travels to different parts of the world to see how indigenous tribes and life long vegetarians food choices have impacted their health. The documentary findings are not easy to ignore and we found ourselves delving deeper into our own food choices.
The second video is a TED Talk by Lauren Singer called My Zero Waste Life. 
A year and a half ago the  Environmental student made a challenge to herself to create as little waste as possible. After realizing she was judging others on their actions without fully looking at her own she decided to make a change and be the change she wanted to see in the world.
We found ourselves appreciating her honesty and once again the simplicity behind her actions and choices.
Avoiding plastic waste, shopping consciously (which after taking a trip to the grocery store made us realize the organic/natural choice without plastic can be hard to come by) Her actions are creating a movement and have moved us to look at our waste a little closer, and think twice next time we buy something.

These two video crossed our path for a reason and we are happy to begin the year with these positive lifestyle advocates sharing their advice. Our hope to to continue to increase our self sufficiency in matters of growing our own food but also expand that to making many of our products from scratch. Not to promise ourselves we will be perfect but to know we can do better and continue to try. In the words of Lauren Singer we hope to further align our values with our lifestyle.

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