Fire Roasted Chestnuts

– Chestnuts
– Water
To Taste
– Salt
1.. Prepare your fire, we used two cement blocks to hold up the pan and wood underneath before lighting the fire.
2. Soak your chestnuts in warm water for a couple of minute
3. Make a small slice in each of the chestnuts, this is to help them from bursting
4. Once the pan is hot add in chestnuts, we used a large steel camping skillet
5. Roast chestnuts, flipping them constantly until they are brown, only slightly burned(too burned they can become hard)
6. Remove chestnuts from fire, and shell them once they cool
7. Season with salt (we often don’t use salt the flavour is amazing on it’s own, however it is an option)
* Best eaten when warm
Health Benefits of Chestnuts
Like all other nuts, chestnuts can help to prevent heart diseases and conditions and provide energy, along with being very low in cholesterol. They are basically just as important to include in your diet as other grains. Preventing the common cold and enhancing fertility in men are some of the other health benefits, which are attributed to the presence of vitamin C in chestnuts.

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