Fire Roasted Salsa Recipe

     The experience of cooking over the fire is an opportunity to connect with your food and environment. It gives you a hands on experience creating something that’s not only satisfying for the soul but also the palette. This Fire Roasted Salsa has rich smoky flavours that are only achieved while roasting your vegetable over the fire. This traditional recipe is quite free and I encourage you to explore different vegetables in the process, new types of tomatoes and hot peppers will create new flavours. Here are the basic steps to this delicious homemade salsa.
– Tomatoes(we used a mix of roma, pink bumblebee and beef steak) and sometimes even throw in cherry tomatoes
– Onions(red gives a really sweet flavour) 
– Jalapenos & or Cayenne Peppers
– Garlic
– Vegetable oil
To Taste
– Salt
– Pepper
– Sugar
– Lime Juice 
– Fresh Cilantro 

1. Lightly wash and dry your vegetables.

2. Prepare your fire, we used two cement blocks to hold up the pan and situated the wood underneath before lighting the fire.

3. Lightly oil your pan(must be able to resist high heat). We used a budare a traditional Venezuelan iron pan.

4. Place your tomatoes(whole), onions(cut in half), garlic with peal(whole) and peppers(whole) on the pan.
Fire roasted vegetables.
Fire roasted vegetables.

5. Lightly turn the vegetables to evenly grill them, if you are going to keep the peels on your vegetables then make sure not to burn them otherwise those burnt pieces will show up in your salsa later.

Fire roasted vegetables
Fire roasted vegetables

6.Once the vegetables are evenly grilled remove them using a long pair of tongs and place them in a separate bowl.

Fire roasted vegetables by Culture & Greens
Fire roasted vegetables by Culture & Greens

7. Once all of your vegetables are cooked finely chop your jalapenos and garlic. Remove peals and dice your onions and tomatoes(if you like chunkier salsa then dice them larger) then place all your ingredients into a large pot and place on the stove or over fire in a  heat resistant pot.

8. Once the mixture is at a consistency you like add your extra ingredients for taste like finely chopped cilantro, salt, pepper, lime juice and sugar. Often the salsa will already have a sweet flavour and wont necessarily need the sugar.

9. Allow your salsa to cool and transfer into a sealed jar or container to store in the refrigerator. You may also can your salsa if you make a large batch.

Enjoy with corn chips, with tortillas, rice or on scrambled eggs….or basically anything because it’s just that delicious.

Fire Roasted Salsa by Culture & Greens
Fire Roasted Salsa by Culture & Greens

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