Visiting Montréal’s Botanical Garden

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Montréal and you’re a lover of nature we would definitely recommend checking out the Botanical Garden at it’s National Historical Site located at 4101 Sherbrooke East. This 190 acre garden includes, impressive cultural gardens, an insectarium, greenhouses, children’s community garden, an arboretum and much more. Here are a few Tips and photos from our adventure this summer.


1. Give yourself time. Unfortunately for us our trip to Montreal was a quick weekend getaway so we weren’t able to take as much time as we would have liked. We spent 4 hours on the grounds and their was still so much to see at the end. If you have the time, spend the day and slowly take it all in. If you are like us and are limited for time don’t miss the insectarium, greenhouses or cultural gardens, and if you’re a lover of community gardens be sure to check out the children’s garden.

2. Get there early. Don’t wait for the crowds to start pouring in mid morning, start early and avoid any lines.

3. Pack a picnic. This is something I would do next time, the park is huge and has many places to set up a picnic and take in the amazing scenery.

4. Visit the First Nations Garden. While traveling Canada is it important to recognize the first people of this beautiful country. Montreal’s Botanical Garden is one of few protected and celebrated First Nations Gardens that gives information about traditions, medicinal uses of plants and the history of our people. I encourage you to take the time to check it out.

Alpine Garden at Montreal’s Botanical Garden.
IMG_6023 (5)
Chinese Cultural Garden
Pink dahlia in full bloom
Pink dahlia in full bloom
Collection of beetles found in the Insectarium

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